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Coast Guard and US Navy Ships and Submarine Repair Parts


Malpass, Inc. has been supplying United States Naval ships, submarines and Coast Guard vessels with repair and replacement parts since 1980

We now work with a company with a GSA contract.  Our customers can now order through a GSA contractor at the same cost as buying direct through Malpass Inc.  Please contact us, for the information of the GSA company.

Please make sure if buying parts from a company that states they are a distributor for Malpass, Inc., that you verify this with us to insure you are getting parts from Malpass, Inc.

Malpass, inc. Works hard to insure you receive the correct parts as well as the quality parts you need to repair your ships.

We are open 24 hours to serve your needs. Please call, email or fax anytime.

Please refresh this page often as it is updated frequently!

Berths / Habitabilty
Berth Mattresses
Berth Canvas
Eliminate Hot Bunking
Berth Modular Crew & CPO 804-5184205
  Berth Curtains
Lightweight Modular Berth 804-5959312
   Berth Curtains
Brass Number Sets
Northhampton Berth 804-1409485
   Berth Curtains
Berth Transom
Troop Berthing Parts
Boot Locker

Sit Up Berths

Berth and Privacy Curtains
Berth / Doorway Curtains
Upper Curtain Rail & Support

Book and Magazine Racks
Book Racks
Book Racks more
Magazine Racks

Bulletin Boards

Storm Gun Cases

Casualty Power Terminal Covers ( Nimitz Class ) Check it out

Malpass Catalog

Chain and Cable Cutters

Wardroom Chairs & Accessories
Coat Hooks

Compartment Checkoff List Holder

Deck Drains
Bronze & Aluminum Deck Drains
Deck Drains 134
Deck Drains 134 HW
Deck Drains 134 HWA
Deck Drains 136

Deck Grating Clips

Doors / Plaques

Brass Door Stops & Hooks
Joiner Doors
Wood Door Plaques
Joiner Doors Repair Parts
Deck Doors
High Security Lock for Doors and Safes
Mortise Locksets - Brass
VC Submarine Mortise Lockset & Passage Sets

Emergency Escape Breathing Storage
EEBD Holder
EAB Box - mounted under wardroom chair
EEBD Holder Bulkhead Mounted / Replacement Parts
EEBD Overhead Mounted

Galley Faucets
   Galley Drain Assembly
Lavatory / Head Faucets
Manual Faucet Knee Valves
Pot and Kettle Fillers
Sink Overflow for D Bowl Sink
Spray Assemblies
Washdown Hose Reels

File Cabinet Bars

Fire Station Parts
Fire Hose Racks
Fire Station Parts

First Aid Box

Galley Items
Dressers: Ice Machine ~ Coffee Mess ~ Dresser Fryer
Galley Faucets
Kettle Shelf ~ Dresser Table ~ Portable Dresser
Pot and Kettle Fillers
Spray Assemblies
Washdown Hose Reels

High Security Lock for Doors and Safes

Toilet Seats

Towel Rack


Accomodation Ladder / Handrail Parts
J Bolts for Ladders

Lavatory/Head Parts
Lav Hand Dryers
Lav Parts
Lavatory / Head Lights

2 & 3 Roll Toilet Tissue Holder
Millenium Head Parts
Mop Hanger
Shower Heads / Assembly
Shower Assembly
Replacement Shower Heads
Shower Curtains & Accessories
Soap Dispensers
Solid Brass Lavatory Accessories
SS Lav lights
Sink Overflow for D Bowl Sink
Stainless Steel Lavatory Accessories
Stainless Steel Grab Bars
Stainless Steel Hand Dryer
Stall Door Hardware
Trash Cans

Lockers / Locker Hardware
20 MM Ammunition Locker
50 Cal Ammunition Locker
Brass Number Sets
Cleaning Gear Locker
DC Locker & Stowage
Deck Lockers
Ironing Locker and Accessories
Jettison Gear Lockers
Lifejacket Lockers
Locker Hardware
  (Solid Brass Satin Nickel Plated)
    3-Point Locker Hardware Special
   464 Naval Brass Locker Handles & Keepers

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus Locker
Security Alert Team Locker
Utility Lockers

LED Peanut Bulbs

Shipboard Marking Labels
Damage Control / Escape Trunk Markings Letters
DC Locker & Stowage
DC CRBD Markers
DC Escape Trunk Markers
DC Electrical Label Markers
Fire Fighting Markers
Individual Pks of Numbers / Letters
Label Kits / Tools
Photoluminescent Markers Page 1
Photoluminescent Markers Page 2
Photoluminescent Markers Page 3
Reflective Damage Control Pipe Markings
Safety Markers
Safety Markers 2
Weapon System Markers
Ventilation Markers

Misc Hardware
Air Test Cap/Rocker Lug
Absentee Board
Brass Number Sets
Chart Table
Cleaning Products

Compartment Checkoff List / Document Holder
EEBD Holder
Locker Hardware
  (Solid Brass Satin Nickel Plated)
Gun Wash Station

Ironing Locker and Accessories
Letter Shelves
Sliding Window w/Grille
Post Office Safe

Brass and Stainless Steel Hardware
  Plated Finishes Available

Reefer Shelf Clips

Scuppers and Parts


Shower Assembly & Parts

Shower Assembly
Replacement Shower Heads

Stainless Steel Cabinets
Key Cabinets

Toggle Pins
Compartment Checkoff List / Document Holder
Brass Bullet Catch

Sounding Tubes
Rivet Nut Tools
Spanner Wrenches

Chairs / Accessories
Spring Loaded Stool

Security / Brig Parts
Hand Cuffs
Security / Brig Parts
Security Vandal Resistant

Storage Bins & Racks
Racks Type K & J
Storage Bin Type B
Storage Bin Type O

SS Hasps / Hooks
Safety Hasps
Heavy Duty Safety Hasps
Heavy Duty Barrel Bolt
Heavy Duty Door Hook Set

SS Lifeline Chain and Accessories
SS Carabiners
SS Hooks & Clips
Stainless Steel Chain
SS Hooks
SS Shackles

Stainless Steel Wire Rope And Clips
SS Wire Rope Clips

Swager Tools
Swage Sleeves
Swage Fittings

Submarine Parts
Sub Bench Lockers
Compartment Bill Holders
EAB Box - mounted under wardroom chair
EAB Stickers
Stainless Steel Cove Base
Sub Hardware
Sb Combo Locks
Sub Hatch Ring
Sub FS / OBA Straps
Sub Lav
Replacement Drawers
Sub Tables
VC Submarine Mortise Lockset & Passage Sets
Circular Latch, Stainless Steel

Chart Tables
Laundry, Card, Game, Folding Tables
Sub Tables

Clam Shells
Vent Diffusers

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